Monday, November 21, 2011

The End of Landscaping

The concept of a garden seems to be increasingly lost in America. Instead, we prefer plenty of carpet-mown grass with kidney-bean shaped tree and shrub beds plunked in the middle. We lovingly call this 'landscaping' to try and connect ourselves with the great painters of the past.

Well, at least some people stay true to the idea that a garden should be a unique endevor. And some of those are bold enough to use them for food as well!

These photos are great for stimulating design changes in next year's garden:

These folks are getting serious about food.

This resident shares food with his neighbors, they never 
complain to the city.

This wins my prize for best use of a boulevard

This garden is near my house. I look
forward to seeing the changes as the
summer progresses.

A bit of the wild look.

Food and beauty. These folks have it together!


  1. Ah, yes, bachelor button season. Talk about your peculiar forms of immortality...

  2. where are you located, rook?

  3. Along the Wasatch front, in Utah.