Friday, September 25, 2015

Powdery Mildew in the Fall

Late summer and early fall bring a lot of changes that are frustrating to a gardener. In particular this year I have seen folks worried about late season powdery mildew on many of their plants. While powdery mildew can be a big problem when it attacks plants early in the year, later in the year it is simply a part of the overall changes in the seasons.

Some organic gardeners recommend spraying with milk or other treatments, I say that late in the year you just need to accept change and let autumn come. Besides, the best use for milk in the fall is turning it into a hot cup of cocoa to sip while you watch the colors change!



  1. I have used milk successfully. This year the mildew was early and I did not find the usual success I have found other years. It helped at little, but not dramatically.

  2. Those zinnias look like mine. I had no idea they were so susceptible to mildew. mine have looked like that since August.